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Our call rates are very reasonable and we only charge for the work and parts you need.

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Gate Automation Repairs

Repairs to Automatic gates need to be carried out quickly. If you’re stuck inside or outside gates that won’t open, you need help.

Gate problems fall into many different categories.

  • Electrical gremlins can be difficult to track down without specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Gate and gate motor alignment problems need to be diagnosed before excessive wear occurs.
  • Underground motors need good drainage.
  • All gate motors need regular servicing to keep them working well.

Whether your automatic gate has been damaged by a vehicle, or the components have become worn over time, London Gate Automation can repair it, replace the gate mechanisms or the access control equipment.

Gate Automation Repair Call Outs

For emergency call outs London Gate Automation will try to get to you within four hours of your call. Non-emergency call outs are usually dealt with within 48 hours.

Our experienced, professional and polite gate engineers will identify the problem and provide you with the best solution. We fix 70% of electric gate issues on the spot within the hour. Where replacement parts or further work is necessary, we will explain what the problem is and what is the most effective solution. We then provide a full quote for the recommended work.

Gate automation repair

London Gate Automation

At Electric Gate Repair London, we regularly see underground gate motors that have not been installed with sufficient drainage. These have become waterlogged and the gate motors have failed. We can always repair or replace the motors but this does not remove the drainage problem.  In many cases we have to carry out work to allow water to drain form underground motor foundation boxes much more effectively.

We also see a lot of automatic gate motors that have never been serviced. Eventually these fail simply because no-one has kept up with regular maintenance. In nearly all cases, the cost of replacing motors outweighs the cost of the servicing that would have kept them working without issue.

Another common problem is gates that have been hit by vehicles. This usually causes two types of damage. The first is to the gate which can sometimes be repaired but usually needs to be replaced. The second problem with this sort of damage is alignment. After an impact with a car or even a lorry, there are often problems with the gate hinges and the gate motor mounting points on the gate.

Gate Automation and Access Control systems both run on electricity. They are also both exposed to the elements and can experience electric problems. We sometimes see problems with electrical gremlins in safety photocells, control boards and access control intercoms, keypads and gate release buttons. One of the most common problems is with control boards that have been attacked by creep crawlies. Slugs are particularly fond of getting into control boxes and damaging control panels.

What Do People Say About Our Gate Repairs?

“London Gate Automation was brilliant. I contacted them as my gates stopped working. They arrived on the same day and the service they provided was second to none. I could not fault them in any area of the work they carried out. I have recommended them to friends and neighbours. Will definitely use them again.”